Illustration of the internal human body, Digestive System

14 of 100, The circulatory system.

The 14th page is an illustration of the circulatory system. It’s done as a doodle that is inspired by the disassembled cassette player from Doodle 12 of 100. In both pieces the insides are laid out like an Ikea illustration. The systems as a still images makes my brain happy. The use of a fountain ink brush adds a lot of playful character to both pieces. More ‘system doodles’ exploration will happen. Keep watching the 100 day sketchbook project. I would love to hear from you, What system would you like me to doodle in the pink sketchbook?

ink and marker illustration of the inside of a walkman.

12 of 100, Duel doodle, Gio vs Alex.

How many times have you taken something apart for the shear joy of discovery. That was me, add in a sense of dread, on this day. It started after school, walking home and head bopping. The music in my headphones warped, it was the tape innocently wrapped itself into the pulleys. My shock and lack of understanding where on full display as I heard the never to be forgotten crinkling sound. Panic, pull the plug and pray. Later at home, doom and gloom clouding my vision, I summoned years of watching my mom tune and repair her sewing machines. On …

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Drawing of break dancers using makers and ink.

9 of 100, Top Rock

Top rock is a preamble to a breakdancing set. The song break is going to hit. You get a rush and it’s your top rock that warns the crowd as you skillfully open up a hole. The elation you feel, body tightening and your senses narrowing as you set to your task. First the top rock, then the groundwork, followed up by a power move. There are freezes, transitions, tricks and flips sprinkled throughout a routine.Thats what a break dancer does.

drawing of a girl wearing a mask eating a large sandwich

8 of 100 days of art making

How to make the sandwich pictured below. The best sandwich starts with 10 slices of toasted whole wheat bread. Lay them out like a game of solitaire. Each slice will need a dollop of mayonnaise, a pinch of Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. Now add two crispy bacon strips to each slice. Depending on the season, a garnish of cucumber and spinach is added, but if it’s winter use sour cherries and pickle juice. The Cornish hens soaked in lemon juice and jalapeño peppers for 24 hours go next. Remember to separate the jalapeños, lemon juice and Cornish …

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7 rows of animal sketches, 5 cats, 7 squirrels, 5 humans, 4 dogs, 5 birds, 3 foxes, and 4 rabbits

7 of 100, animal zoom call

Cats, squirrels, folks, dogs, birds, foxes, and rabbits are all part of my backyard zoo. Cat spots a squirrel. Cat freezes, only a tail like a spastic autograph can be seen. This cat has spent precious napping time planning and scheming for this moment. At the window a tiny dog rings the alarm, ‘Bark Bark Bark!’. The squirrel and cat retreat. This happens over and over again. It is a delivery person, or a bird to close to a window. Once it was a fox and a rabbit deciding who was coming to dinner. I know of every event because …

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Girl and graffiti on wheels.

I have been working on lots of things, round and round. Today working on the face and mood of the next watercolor ‘girl riding in front of graffiti’. The first day sketching can be the hardest, my favorite. Getting the shape of summer, speed, joy and a tiny amount of anxiety in the smile. The first painting what a two wheeler, next a three wheeler (big wheel style). Now for a four wheeler skater. Roller skating at the end of summer, watercolor.

Sock Bush, a Doodling comic.

Sock Bush, a doodling story by Alex Feliciano. It is around sunset that always puts Larry in a sleepyhead mood. My Inspiration As the day turns and the impending closure it near. I feel the weight of another wasted day. I rush to my desk to beat the moon who will soon illuminate my failing use of time. A nearly unrealistic graffitti artist who likes to take naps and draw dreams. When I was little I thought there must be a secret book that would teach me how to be an artist. I looked for this book in the library …

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Blue faced rocks

our pockets filled with rocks some of the rocks had happy faces, others cute, gross, and weird. My oldest very excitedly asked me, “Is this Graffitti?” Lol. We put them in planters, next to crosswalk buttons, in the crooks of trees and while the family was engaged in mild acts of artistic expression. Michi called me.

Rocks in Vancouver

We found a bunch of lovely rocks in Vancouver and decided to talk to them. They all had something to say, so we painted them. Drawing on rock, the group photo. The rocks where a skinny arms reach out the window and I couldn’t resist them… so it started with a flat odd rock. First rock, flat and odd. Who ever heard of a Rock fish? One eyed rock face with tongue. Rock face wearing spectacles. Blue and black rock face. I want to call this one Chunk, the rock face boy. Little Rock face, now with more tongue. Little …

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Blue Girl, 18×24″ print now available for Christmas!

This is a limited run pre order now at the Facebook shop. The 18×24″ print of ‘Blue Girl’. A blue haired girl passing some classic graffiti pieces on her sweet bike. The $100.00 print is 18 inches by 24 inches. Signed by Alex Feliciano and ready to frame. Order now to get your print in time for Christmas. Now go to my FaceBook shop here to order. This piece is a a watercolor and acrylic on 140lb cold press paper. I had it up at the sis + moons in Alpharetta. I want to give you a chance to get a …

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Sore foot

A green couch with pale vines is the setting for a sore foot. Press a fingertip between balls of the feet. This is a framed painting up cycled from an older painting available now a sis + moons in Alpharetta, Ga 30009.

Paintings avaiable from Studio Feliciano

Paintings in and around the studio that are currently available. Email or text me for more info. You can also follow this work on instagram @studioFeliciano. Large size paintings “Thoughtful yellow”, 36×48” mixed media on board. By Alex Feliciano and John Tindel “See through”, mixed media on wood, 48×24”. By Alex Feliciano ‘Littlest Dog’, 30×40” acrylic on canvas, by Alex FelicianoAlex Feliciano ‘Napping Couch’, 30×40” acrylic on canvas, by Alex Feliciano Medium size paintings ‘Falling Woman’, 24×36” mixed media on canvas, by Alex Feliciano ‘Man in Fall’ 22×18”, acrylic on canvas. ByAlex Feliciano Watercolors on paper ‘Girls on bikes 1’, …

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Lots of cutting and glueing going on at night.

Halloween is coming and way to quickly. I’m trying to get this giant cardboard monster built and I’m going to be cutting it really close. Cardboard scales instead of fur for this Kukeri inspired monster. After the drawing and thinking and drawing. I started out with a pool noodle spine and some graduated cardboard disks. Four strings run down each side and through the disks, now I can pull on a string and the head will tilt down in that direction. Now to cut lots of scales and bits to be the covering, kinda like fur. After that, the whole …

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Figure drawing with fill tool.

More than once one of the six art instructors at NWSA would say ‘Draw from life, it’s the best teacher’, yep they where/are right. Figure drawings are the thing people singles out for praise when they are look thought your sketchbook, ‘did you draw that, so talented’, nope that is just practice. So practice drawing hands and feet, draw strangers on the bus, and in bars (creepy). If you feel weird drawing strangers for free come to the figure drawing event. Alpharetta has a bimonthly figure drawing/painting event. Search FB for… ‘alpharetta figure drawing/painting group’. I will see you there. …

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What makes a monster.

‘The gravity of the earth is pulling me down.’, says Swamp Thing. ‘The best place to lay eggs?’ The slimy creature thinks as it watches you skipping rocks. ‘A host to houses my eggs, something warm and tasty.’ Swamp thing thinks as it silently slips into the cold dry air. Looking down at reflections in still eye. She smiles at you after your breath is gone, ‘What a happy nest this will make. I’m such a good mom.’ She smiles as you’re dragged under. Kinda grossing myself out with this one.

Late night doodles

Yes, up late and making marks on paper, today I’m rocking a red sharpie, a red dry erase and a red Windsor Newton watercolor maker. Dogs and peaceshocka for pages. All tiny little thorny. Small micro dogs stitched and fat. Dogs thin tiny little… again and again. lots of red. Peace, peace, peace, peace, peace, peace, peace, peace….all red then I switch to using a strange black ink brush pen, foam tip style… not my fave, it might be a bit dry.

Alpharetta Scarecrow Sketches

The Alpharetta Scarecrow Event Sketches for the AIA Scarecrow for the 2017 Scarecrow festival. Getting help from the students and parents to make this Peace Plant. Lots of sketches and pairing this with lessons going on for ‘Peace Day’ lessons. The idea of ‘Peace Day’ was a big influence on this design and the inspiration for the ‘Solar Powered Peace Plant’. The school broke up into teams to create meaningful content around the idea of Peace on Earth. 1. Collecting and preparing items to be up-cycled. 2. Writing articles about what ‘Peace’ mean to them. 3. Talking pictures and collecting …

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Davie artist Alex Feliciano

Florida WestFair Murals Ran across this newspaper clipping while helping my mom move. I thought it might be fun to post. In 1996 a good friend of the family helped me get this gig painting murals. I was supposed to do a group thing where I organized my peers to come down and paint, but that didn’t happen so I painted two big ass murals myself. I’m sure made everyone involved very nervous. It was two very long weekends where I painted the best and largest sunset I had ever done and spilt a pints worth of 1Shot fire red …

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