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  • Impromptu Sculpture Class

    Impromptu Sculpture Class

    A winter advisory forces us into the studio to sculpt. Great work by O and D.

  • Jack at StreetArt Class

    Jack at StreetArt Class

    Students getting ill and learning a bit about art at the StreetArt class.

  • Tuesday night’s figure drawing event, look at (iPad and Paper53) work.

    Tuesday night’s figure drawing event, look at (iPad and Paper53) work.

    Tuesday’s bi-monthly Alpharetta Figure Drawing/Painting Group. This week was destiny came to model for us. I was teaching my Street Art class till 7:30 so showed up a bit late. I missed the one minute warm-up poses. Great lighting as always and the snacks are good although right now i’m working on my heath so no cookies. […]

  • Bear Head Is On The Move

    Bear Head Is On The Move

    This weekend update: I packed up the minivan with tons of painting supplies, lots of cardboard, glue guns, and two kids and headed to Sis and Moons to start an large installation (still in progress). The kids Helped me unpack boxes of paint and odds and ends, in the process earned some choice pieces of cardboard, and […]

  • Street art class, on The PaintYard

    Street art class, on The PaintYard

    The Paint Yard, wrote a nice post about the ‘Street Art Class’ The paint yard is a great place to get a variety of spray paint and supplies (fat caps, liners, specialty paints, markers and more) and they have the ‘Sugar’ from the makers of Ironlak, the paint is special. It combines water with alcohol […]

  • Class Homework, W1

    Class Homework, W1

    We will be trying out a new product ‘Sugar’ a cane sugar based paint. This week we will be working on letter forms and putting that onto the canvas. Below are some samples to jumpstart your imagination. We will also be working with the MTN water based, the Montana Gold acrylic, and the NEW Sugar based […]

  • Street Art class, making wrapping paper

    Street Art class, making wrapping paper

    The street art class is winding down. The five week long street art class has hit class number five and number five was so fun, it started out as a lesson on stencils and evolved into a wrapping paper making project. The session ended so well we are adding one more class (a sixth week). Great work […]

  • Class Homework W2, Nov 2016

    Class Homework W2, Nov 2016

      Watch some short video and have any questions ready to discuss, and Patterns The Letter “E”: Watching a piece from start to finish: Find examples of patterns, bring 3 or more, for use in next piece (They can be anything… save them to your device, print, magazine tear out or photos). Sketch […]

  • Painting, it begins..again

    Painting, it begins..again

    I have been spending a lot of time this year sketching, in ‘@FiftyThree‘ s Paper53 app on the ipad or at the live drawing events held by #Alpharetta Figure Drawing/Painting Group. I think it’s time to start painting now. Working with brushes is flowing like it should. I start to paint after the kids go to bed then I […]

  • Shopping online

    I am happy to announce a small shopping cart is now available. Now you can shop online . I will be adding to it as time and items become available. Feel free to send feedback or requests or go to and leave a comment.

  • Prints are in, girl in fall.

    Prints are in, girl in fall.

    I picked up the prints today, the boys where examining them. I will be shipping them today and tomorrow. There is one left, I will be taking it to Sis and Moons. I’m really happy the way this all worked out. I’m thinking I will do this again.

  • Prints Update, next week I will be shipping!

    Prints Update, next week I will be shipping!

    Free artwork! This is just an update: Prints are going to be home this week! The proofs are done and the printing is in progress, next stretching and varnishing. I am looking forward to shipping them out. If you haven’t ordered yours click here. What you get when you click the link, a paypal page that covers […]

  • Plaid animals two more!

    Plaid animals two more!

    Two more… that makes four, five more to go. Why plaid I do not know but there will be a bunch of them soon, contact your nearest Sis and Moon’s in Alpharetta for more information.  

  • Still working on dogheads, this is Oscar with his spear and the dogheads on the studio floor

    Still working on dogheads, this is Oscar with his spear and the dogheads on the studio floor

    Just painting and planning, painting the last thee dog heads and planning the next iteration of sculptures/ paintings. Maybe giant dog head maybe giant kangaroo? Or tiny collectible dog dolls. Everything is on the table right now.  

  • Dogies ready to mount…

    All three of the ‘Clem Heads’ so far. So Shinny. This blue enamel is like butter to work with, One Shot and Rustoleum <3 ! This is first of the seven heads, to be mount on reclaimed fence board… stay tuned for more.    

  • Painting the Dog heads

    Painting the Dog heads

    Working on the dog heads, what to do? I will attempt to make all them super! I grabbed three of the seven heads to take to The Sis & Moon studio.   These to are  just getting started.   I found lots of air holes, I will patch and paint. It was a good test and will need […]

  • Friday sketchbook review

    Friday sketchbook review

    Hola, I have been hard at work making paintings for the Hive (LA), and getting The Sis & Moon Studio looking good. So the “Friday Sketchbook review” has been taking a back seat, But I’m back on track now. The materials haven’t changed much, water color box, fountain water color brush, fountain ink brush, and sketchbook. […]

  • Small painting, “bear and friends”.

    Small painting, “bear and friends”.

    Just wrapped this one up, taking it to the gallery tomorrow.  

  • Working on new Dog Head, update.

    Working on new Dog Head, update.

    I am very  happy with the silicone mold so far, I have been able to make seven heads. Next up…  painting. A closed mold is easier to spin around, learned that the hard/messy way. I wrapped a piece of cling wrap around a scrap of cardboard, silicone and cling wrap make a decent seal. Yes […]

  • Working on new Dog Head, update.

    Working on new Dog Head, update.

    With the outer shell done (plaster around pink silicone) I made the first casting. The gary head is the plastic casting (copy), the white one is the original sculpted (modeling clay) head, and the pink is the silicone negative. This is my first pour, I need to practice, a few thin spots and air bubbles. […]

  • Working on new Dog Head, update.

    Working on new Dog Head, update.

    Starting the mold (mould) from the sculpture. Finished the left eye and nose, then started the mould process. I was nervous at first, I always thought that the original sculpture would be trash if you didn’t make the mould just right (that’s for plaster moulds), but after the first layer was dry I was hooked. I […]

  • New installation at Sis&Moon

    Spicing up the gallery. I am moving to a new space, same building, and thought it would be worth a saturday. I thought about it for a minute and started with brown butcher paper for visual structure. Then an aqua and beige landscape under it, with a little white line for more structure.   Then […]

  • Plein air painting, NC

    I was able to squeak out a one good one.

  • Card board dog head needs a better name than ‘Dog Head’. Help!

    Card board dog head needs a better name than ‘Dog Head’. Help!

    Looking for a name. I am called “Dog Head” but I don’t think that is right. please help.

  • 4 New masks before Halloween… a cardboard challenge.

    Update: Dog Head is Done… Final paint job and some minor fabrications to the base, it is now wall mountable. Below is a picture from the Back of Sis and Moon’s gallery, with Rachel Graham and Wendy Vogt, the dog head is almost done. The second Mask is done… meet the Sugar Skull. Here is […]

  • New lighting in the studio

    My space is a bit dark, so I have added some lights. I think I need to put a spot lights on the masks, maybe a blinking light. Today is “Lunch Truck Thursday” I hope someone takes home the Thunder Lizard. If not I’m going to send it to the Hive in LA, see what […]

  • New Paintings at Sis and Moon Gallery.

    Hard to find “Feliciano Tindel Michi’s” I brought in three new paintings to Sis and Moon’s Gallery today. I look forward to seeing you in the shop. I don’t know if you know but sometimes Alex Feliciano, John Tindel, and Michi Mecho get together and paint. Three pieces you can come and touch. “Something in the […]

  • Masks, faces, bears, rabbits, dogs, and monsters

    Here is the first collection of scaryfriends… by Alex Feliciano. a series of masks, faces, bears, rabbits, dogs, and monsters. They have sold out. Second collection coming early 2014.    

  • Cardboard head

    Dire wolf head for the wall. I started with my dog as a model, and tried to keep it simple. Also keeping supplies simple: a pencil, a box cutter, t square, Elmer’s glue and some scotch tape. – I quickly sketched my dog, Maggie’s profile. In the picture below you can see it cut out. […]