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  • Draw, Practice practice practice.

    Figure drawings in Alpharetta, Alex Feliciano working on iPad and Paper53.

  • What makes a monster.

    What makes the werewolf scary, a big smeller, large ears? An entity that wanders between two worlds. What do we fear?

  • What makes a monster.

    Halloween monsters, what makes them scary, a light hearted look at what makes them tick.

  • What makes a monster.

    Monsters, what makes them frightening.

  • Figure drawing event, Sketchbook (iPad and Paper53) look.

    Figure drawing event, Sketchbook (iPad and Paper53) look.

    I brought an iPad to the bi-monthly Alpharetta Figure Drawing/Painting Group. The Group brought in Scott to pose he’s the first male model in a long time and it’s the first time using my iPad at a life drawing event. Tonights sketches all posted below. We started, like most sessions, with one Minute poses. I took a minutes to make […]

  • drawing from Youtube?

    drawing from Youtube?

    Looking around on YouTube and found online figure drawing videos. Very neat stuff, I felt a little clumsy with the remote, iPad, Apple Pencil, and sitting on the couch. The videos are timed and the lighting is nice. Stay tuned for more drawings  

  • Holiday cards, coming soon

    Holiday cards, coming soon

    Update: I’m working on Holiday cards for everyone, I’m making a few and will post with instructions to print them for free, stay tuned.   I will make last year’s cards available on the ‘shop‘ page tonight. Cutest Couple in the North Pole, Dear Santa, and Merry Christmas 2015.

  • More new, old cat paintings.

    More new, old cat paintings.

    I have been painting cat since Florida. My now wife had a cat and it was hard not to like it. Ester was a wonderful calico that inspired many cat drawings and paintings. This is one of them. Thanks to the inhabitants of 6061!

  • ‘Paper 53’ has new tools and I think I like them.

    ‘Paper 53’ has new tools and I think I like them.

    If you draw but don’t do it in a computer (photoshop, illustrator, and more) you are going to enjoy Paper 53, it’s on the iPad. They have just released some new brushes and I am liking the roller (fill tool). Now some self promotion… look what i did with it. If you are inclined Please! add […]