Rocks in Vancouver

We found a bunch of lovely rocks in Vancouver and decided to talk to them. They all had something to say, so we painted them. Hand drawn rocks

Drawing on rock, the group photo.

The rocks where a skinny arms reach out the window and I couldn’t resist them… so it started with a flat odd rock.Flat odd rock

First rock, flat and odd.
Dog rock
Then a dog rock, lots of tongue.
One eye with tongue
One eye with tongue out!
Cute skeleton rock face
A cute skeleton rock face,

Rock fish

Who ever heard of a Rock fish?

Rock tongue

One eyed rock face with tongue.

Rock face with glasses

Rock face wearing spectacles.

Two tone rock face

Blue and black rock face.

Chunk the rock face boy

I want to call this one Chunk, the rock face boy.

Rock face with more tongue.

Little Rock face, now with more tongue.

Little teeth

Little teeth rock face.

Dog rock

Doggie faced rock.

Back of drawing rock

Back of rock
Tongue inside nose
This one is inspired by someone special.