4 of 100 Days of art making

Drawing of a Bear and Deer in front of a row of pink houses

The attractive big footed bear sits across from a row of pink houses. As the retired dancer from a previously Socialists Republic, our bear is enjoying a hot tea unaware of the ogler who is also sitting in from of the pink houses. I don’t know why the person in the bushes doesn’t join them in the sunshine. Maybe the bushes are safer or they forgot the sunscreen?

Sitting in the sun after the HOA meeting ended early due to a miscommunication over the list of pre-approved exterior paint color combinations. Blair “Bigfoot” Jones lobbied fellow members on the merits of ‘Diminutive Pink’ in combination with ‘Forever Lilac’. While Dallas “In heels” Stager pushed for a more uniformed approach, all ‘Sun Lit Coral’. After tens of minutes debating exterior home colors it was decided that last years color of ‘Diva Pink’ would stay until a majority vote could be called…
– This is the game I play after the art work is complete, “What’s The Story!”.

I try to use my sketch book like spittin freestyles.

I’m making art for 100 days in a row. I decided to make and finish a sketchbook. From blank book to cohesive body of work. I use my sketch book like spittin freestyles. Practice and more practice, it’s all the work I put in that lets me pull old ideas, images, backgrounds and compositions into the future. They appear 3 seconds from now, 3, 2, 1, boom and art happens.

In this video

In this video I show some olds post-it note drawings and talk about doodles and how important they are. I’m also tackling day four of the sketchbook challenge. “Bears in chairs? why not” I thought and freestyle drawing took over. I hope you like it, leave a comment on the video.