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Jack at StreetArt Class

Mr. Jack is working hard on fill-ins. Lots of bits, broken rectangles and contrasting colors. We used the ‘sugar’ paint on card board about 6″ x 4″.

Day light savings time is working against us today. I have added a new day time shot.

Mr. Jack working from sketch. We are loving the new colors from ‘the paint yard’ and love getting boxes in the mail!

Day light photo.

The street art class started in 2016 at Sis and Moon’s tree house studio. Alex Feliciano teaches art, form, and design with street art. For more info visit Sis and moons website

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Street art class makes Prints

Stickers, you wanna’ make stickers… Ok, what do you know about a printing press?

So we selected some sketches, tried them out using thick makers on paper (Draw thick lines to cut thick lines). The students worked out the composition on paper then transferred it over to the rubber printing blocks. Then the scary part KNIFES you can’t make cool stuff without them. After a quick safety lesson including graphic descriptions of possible wounds I passed out the block cutting knifes, happy to report no injuries. HURRAY! They cut thin then cut thick ribbions out of the rubber block, soon they could see the block taking shape. In the end very few revisions where needed. Now a lesson on rollers, ink, and the printing press, they were like fish to water and after a demo, they quietly worked in turns one would be inking their block while the other was pressing. I couldn’t have hoped for better.

The happiness of making tangible items in such a tactile way was expressed in their quiet smiles and the care put into storing away the work.


cutting rubber blocks for printingWorking on cleaning up the block after a test print.

Alien head cut into a rubber stamp

Lots of work goes into a single image, many sketches are done before the block is made.

inking the block

Getting and even layer of ink.


Printing and inking

The Alien

The Dude

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Street art class, on The PaintYard

The Paint Yard, wrote a nice post about the ‘Street Art Class’

The paint yard is a great place to get a variety of spray paint and supplies (fat caps, liners, specialty paints, markers and more) and they have the ‘Sugar’ from the makers of Ironlak, the paint is special. It combines water with alcohol made from sugar cane, replacing the usual petroleum-based solvents. The result is an extremely low-odor spray paint that contains fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

It is important that students are safe and get to work with high quality materials, while learning the fundamentals of design and painting.

The ‘Street Art‘ class meets once a week (Tuesday at 5:30-7:30 come by and check us out). During the lessons we focus on drawing and painting followed by design reviews, the reviews and discussions are designed to engage the thoughtfulness needed to inspire creativity in young artist. Special thanks to ‘The Paintyard’ for the great sales on paint, and to Sis & Moon’s in Alpharetta, Ga for the wonderful teaching space.



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Class Homework, W1

We will be trying out a new product ‘Sugar’ a cane sugar based paint.

This week we will be working on letter forms and putting that onto the canvas. Below are some samples to jumpstart your imagination. We will also be working with the MTN water based, the Montana Gold acrylic, and the NEW Sugar based paint.
Each alphabet is a good example of continuity within a style. Look at Line weight, color, shape and of course the flare!
7acfc8763e9699d64998c67eac8e0000 8d4812fa769abc13d8cb9cba035d08bd 9a95b69aab7b6fe3983f027dd6592fb0 65ac5860cfa5161b423481d87c971b9f 973b5f84826739c6017445ccda591c40 4127e71b24de3974f30c84aa5b135b1d aa230611a38dd8071717bc3f06e6a410 d96b30b8201a28c6935947a7f5d66b62 wavy-graffiti-alphabet

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Street Art class, making wrapping paper

The street art class is winding down.

The five week long street art class has hit class number five and number five was so fun, it started out as a lesson on stencils and evolved into a wrapping paper making project. The session ended so well we are adding one more class (a sixth week). Great work everyone!
Street art class making wallpaper, spraypaint and stencils with Alex Feliciano

Everyone really pushed and got their hand dirty.

Detail of wrapping paper, candy cane stencil over green tree with Alex Feliciano

Detail, an orange snowflake under a gold start, hiding behind a green tree, that was run over by a candy cane. lots of stencilling action going on here.

Street art class making wall paper

The Montana water based paints worked great, Thanks the paint yard for the recommendations and paint sales and a big shout out to Sis & Moons making it possible.


Some great color sections popped out of the lesson, everyone was so busy working we didn’t find them till I was cleaning up.


The stencils that survived.


40 feet hung to dry.


More stencils, hung flat to dry, they will be tasty and stiff when they dry.


Look for fancy wrapped present under a tree near you.

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Class Homework W2, Nov 2016


Watch some short video and have any questions ready to discuss, and Patterns

The Letter “E”:

Watching a piece from start to finish:

Find examples of patterns, bring 3 or more, for use in next piece (They can be anything… save them to your device, print, magazine tear out or photos).

Sketch book 11″ × 8½”, a black book with smooth pages. Like this available where ever you like to by supplies.
Markers, I had some questions about markers. So you can find Touch and Copic Markers at at DickBlick in Roswell or you can shop Amazon/Google for ‘touch’ markers, most kits are no cheaper online, But if your willing to take delivery from China and wait weeks for delivery you can find some good deals..

Comparing and Contrasting

Lastly we will be looking at two different artist who approach street art from two different styles we will be comparing and contrasting in and short critique.


Rasterm and Katre

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Street art… Class!

Great working coming out of class this week. Jack pounded out character after character, so fast I didn’t get a picture of them all, “I’m just going to paint over this”.   Nicole nailed it with a 4 panel piece “Life”. The effort she’s putting into sketching is coming though in her can control and line work.

nicole, LIFE

Nicole rocking a “LIFE” piece.

SAT-16 getting busy

Finishing or starting?

Character #3

Done, SAT-16.

LIFE with green 3D.

Done, ‘LIFE’, Nicole.


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Class notes and homework

Hola class…


  1. Practice letter forms, pick words  containing two vowels (like: seam, hoaps, lazer, or denim, feel free to make up words).


  1. This intersecting style below shows the construction of the letter, when using this alphabet erase overlapping/intersecting lines as needed to make the letter whole.
  2. This Alphabet adds a bit more style to the ‘straight letter’ style above. You can use this out for that to experiment with style. Remember the better you understand the construction of a letter the easier it will be to style it.

  3. For review, how to make a letter…

    and, drop shadows…Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 3.13.12 PM


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Class notes and homework W1

Hola class…


  1. Find examples of patterns, bring 3-5 in for use in next piece (They can be anything… digital, printed, downloaded or photos).


  1. Sketch book 11″ × 8½”, a black book with smooth pages. Like this available where ever you like to by supplies.
  2. Markers, Pick a few 4-8 colors to start, as we move forward you can add more. You find them at DickBlick or you can shop/Google for ‘touch’ markers on line (something like this). FYI: Things shipped from china and can take WEEKS.
  3. Pencil and eraser

Videos and more for reference…

  1. Style Wars‘ by Henry  Chalfant.
  2. Exit Thought The Gift Shop‘ by Banksy it’s on netflix.

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