7 of 100, animal zoom call

7 rows of animal sketches, 5 cats, 7 squirrels, 5 humans, 4 dogs, 5 birds, 3 foxes, and 4 rabbits

Cats, squirrels, folks, dogs, birds, foxes, and rabbits are all part of my backyard zoo.

Cat spots a squirrel. Cat freezes, only a tail like a spastic autograph can be seen. This cat has spent precious napping time planning and scheming for this moment. At the window a tiny dog rings the alarm, ‘Bark Bark Bark!’. The squirrel and cat retreat.

This happens over and over again. It is a delivery person, or a bird to close to a window. Once it was a fox and a rabbit deciding who was coming to dinner. I know of every event because my dog describes them to me like a soccer announcer.