5 of 100, days of art making

Watercolor and pen in sketchbook pages

The hundred days of art making, it’s a little project on the face. This is an undertaking that I have compounded. I decided to record, write and publish this project. Today, day 5, I have failed to record the creation. I will attempt to walk through what was going on in my head.

At first nothing, A blank canvas, lol. So back to what has worked in the past, letter shapes and eyeballs. Horrible shapes came pouring out, anemic and forced. So I tried to fatten them up with muscles and body shapes. I pushed background patterns of old school graffiti characters. Slowly creeping across the page building and layering bits and pieces trying to save the composition.

I found a rhythm on the right side of the page with layering. Using a pale fountain pen to doodling hands, flowers, arrows and letters. There’s a little space on the top where I sleepy draw in some isometric buildings surrounded by bushes. All this seems to be enough to appease the page but something is missing. Pink! I waited to long and a sleepy me threads pink lines over and under the doodles.

Page 5 of 100, pen and watercolor sketchbook page spread.
Page 5 of 100 for the 100 day challenge.