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Who is DOOM!

Found this sweet ‘throwie’ at the Whole Foods. I figured that stainless steel would be challenging for a quick doodle. I hope who ever has to clean it up will appreciate the ironic sketch.

‘Doom’ I hope I did you proud.

It’s not any fun to clean this stuff up, on the flip side I enjoy reading in the bathroom.

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No son of mine! Who’s wack?

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Jack at StreetArt Class

Mr. Jack is working hard on fill-ins. Lots of bits, broken rectangles and contrasting colors. We used the ‘sugar’ paint on card board about 6″ x 4″.

Day light savings time is working against us today. I have added a new day time shot.

Mr. Jack working from sketch. We are loving the new colors from ‘the paint yard’ and love getting boxes in the mail!

Day light photo.

The street art class started in 2016 at Sis and Moon’s tree house studio. Alex Feliciano teaches art, form, and design with street art. For more info visit Sis and moons website