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8 of 100 days of art making

drawing of a girl wearing a mask eating a large sandwich

How to make the sandwich pictured below.

The best sandwich starts with 10 slices of toasted whole wheat bread. Lay them out like a game of solitaire. Each slice will need a dollop of mayonnaise, a pinch of Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. Now add two crispy bacon strips to each slice. Depending on the season, a garnish of cucumber and spinach is added, but if it’s winter use sour cherries and pickle juice. The Cornish hens soaked in lemon juice and jalapeño peppers for 24 hours go next. Remember to separate the jalapeños, lemon juice and Cornish hen before chop them finely. Only the hen gets added to the bacon but the jalapeños and lemon juice get applied directly to the dollop of mayo. Then gingerly stack roasted chipotle peppers, grilled onions and turmeric sauces across all slices. Lastly summon your inner jenga champion and stack the slices.