2 of 100 days of making art

sketchbook doodle of miss pink

Miss Pink, a wiggly armed neighbor who just told me about her eighth potato peeler, she has twelve. Number 8 is her favorite but not the fanciest, It’s has a bakelite green marble handle with a chrome finish and double hinge action. The fanciest one is a beautiful industrial grade ‘Model 42 Robo Rip-O-Matic‘.

This watercolor and pink acrylic doodle is part of a hundred day project. Doodling with a water color pens is super satisfying, thin and thick lines flow and Miss Pink flows out of them.

Sketchbook art is a challenge

100 days of sketchbook art is a challenge I hope will lead to 100 posts and a 100 youTube videos. If you have been following along on Instagram you will know that I am always posting, but those bursts of random activity have not been focused or goal driven (but good practice). With the 100 day art making challenge I’m going to be doing, mostly, daily posts, doodles and videos. Then somebody says hey you should do TikTok, Twitch and Vimeo and I say, ‘Nooooo!’. Just when I get a handle on things someone smart has to move the goal post.

Update: I just learned how to make affiliate links, enjoy your potato peeler.