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  • 12 of 100, Duel doodle, Gio vs Alex.

    12 of 100, Duel doodle, Gio vs Alex.

    How many times have you taken something apart for the shear joy of discovery. That was me, add in a sense of dread, on this day. It started after school, walking home and head bopping. The music in my headphones warped, it was the tape innocently wrapped itself into the pulleys. My shock and lack […]

  • Impromptu Sculpture Class

    Impromptu Sculpture Class

    A winter advisory forces us into the studio to sculpt. Great work by O and D.

  • Bear head turns into Bear suit.

    Bear head turns into Bear suit.

    The day has come, halloween is here, and all this work is worth it. Gio has his afro cardboard frankenstein, Oscar is rocking a full cardboard Pokemon Charizard, Damien is welding a pair of custom cardboard katanas, and Alex is suited up as a cardboard bear. This is a shot of the Bear at work, before […]

  • Big Cardboard Tree!

    Big Cardboard Tree!

    The cardboard tree, For the fall festival. The living room has been temporary turned into a workshop. Stacks of cardboard, boxes of hot glue and sharp things. The eight foot tree is going to Oscars school for there annual “Fall Fesival”. I was a great time, thank you for the great event. Below are some […]

  • Susan rocks some wire zoo animals with the Boys!

    My sister Susan was in town for the holidays and made a gang of elephants with the boys. Below are some of the wire zoo residents. Neat stuff wire and elbow grease, Oscar, Damien and Susan Rock. The boys wanted baby versions of all the animals, that’s why there are so many elephants, it took […]

  • Squids

    Oscar draws a bunch of squids. Chalk drawings in the street with the neighbors. 8 kids running around with chalk and bikes. It was super fun to watch Oscar rocking his squids.