• What makes a monster.

    ‘The gravity of the earth is pulling me down.’, says Swamp Thing. ‘The best place to lay eggs?’ The slimy creature thinks as it watches you skipping rocks. ‘A host to houses my eggs, something warm and tasty.’ Swamp thing thinks as it silently slips into the cold dry air. Looking down at reflections in […]

  • What makes a monster.

    Halloween monsters, what makes them scary, a light hearted look at what makes them tick.

  • Alpharetta Scarecrow Sketches

    Alpharetta Scarecrow Sketches

    The Alpharetta Scarecrow Event Sketches for the AIA Scarecrow for the 2017 Scarecrow festival. Getting help from the students and parents to make this Peace Plant. Lots of sketches and pairing this with lessons going on for ‘Peace Day’ lessons. The idea of ‘Peace Day’ was a big influence on this design and the inspiration […]

  • More Post-it note fun

    More Post-it note fun

    I have been using these little yellow squares like crack, little doodle yellow scraps of sticky paper. Loving the ‘Stabilo’ point 88 markers. Doodling while kids are at karate. alway carry markers. I might make a Block, for printing out of this one. I have never done a multiple print block print, But… Expanding ‘There’ […]

  • Doodling designs for ‘The Clem’

    Doodling designs for ‘The Clem’

    Having fun planning out the new designs for the ‘Clem Heads’. During the debate Monday night I rocked out some sketches. and  this one.  

  • Preparing to design more ‘Clem Heads’

    Preparing to design more ‘Clem Heads’

    Preparing for NEW Clem Dog Head paintings. Lots of ideas (Mexican wrestler, circulatory system, plaids, patterns, and or scale style masks). I though lots of sketches would be a good idea. So I cut a stamp out of this block. I need to get myself a press, Does anyone have a press they would like […]

  • ‘Can’t wait till I have a full dog sled team!’

    ‘Can’t wait till I have a full dog sled team!’

    Murph stopped by yesterday He added the red one to his collection, then set me this picture. He now owns three dog heads, more info about them here. Seven heads were cast in the first run, Five have been painted, one is in LA, one is in my living room and Murph has the rest. […]

  • Street art… Class!

    Street art… Class!

    Great working coming out of class this week. Jack pounded out character after character, so fast I didn’t get a picture of them all, “I’m just going to paint over this”.   Nicole nailed it with a 4 panel piece “Life”. The effort she’s putting into sketching is coming though in her can control and line […]

  • More new, old cat paintings.

    More new, old cat paintings.

    I have been painting cat since Florida. My now wife had a cat and it was hard not to like it. Ester was a wonderful calico that inspired many cat drawings and paintings. This is one of them. Thanks to the inhabitants of 6061!

  • Figure drawing event, Sketchbook look.

    Figure drawing event, Sketchbook look.

    Lots of figure drawing lately. It is good to draw like this again. I went to a class in Alpharetta, the ‘Alpharetta Figure Drawing/Painting Group’. They have a nice academic format, ten to twenty one minute warm ups, then some five and ten minute drawings. Oh and did I mention the cookies, lots of cookies. Then after a cookie […]

  • baby H’s new room

    The babys room… I envision a forest or tree scape with woodland creatures. It should be grayscale, neutral, mono toned, or silhouette. Please put together some images that help shape the end product. I love this one… Now for some purple, these color schemes can be tuned in any directions. Winter theme… More… This illustrator makes […]

  • Doodling during lunch

    My mood ring made me scream, then I ordered, “humm today I want some ice cream”, she wrote it down and asked about my doodling. That’s when I thought about leaving, the paper started to speaking. “Shh!” I’m eaten. New sketchbook pages…   


    On August 8 at 6 PM, Alex will be showing work at the WEST END PERFORMING ARTS CENTER New work, 3 large 48×48 inch pieces and 16 small 5×7 inch pieces… All at 200 buck each Or just come and visit  Saturday August 8th.   945 Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard Atlanta, GA 30310

  • Prints are in, girl in fall.

    Prints are in, girl in fall.

    I picked up the prints today, the boys where examining them. I will be shipping them today and tomorrow. There is one left, I will be taking it to Sis and Moons. I’m really happy the way this all worked out. I’m thinking I will do this again.

  • I voted

  • Plaid animals, more new paintings

    Plaid animals, more new paintings

    Yep… Horzey, like running fast while sleeping under a tree, watch out for the pine cones

  • Good weekend, dog heads!

    Plaque for lack of a better word… I have been working on the mounts for the heads. Lots of fun, trimming and sanding hundreds of small pieces, this is my sander. Red dog head on reclaimed boards.Wooden bits, it’s coming together.Cut paper and dog heads more work ahead but I can see the end of […]

  • I had a dog, I named him “cow”, he was a happy dog.

    Some of my paintings feature a dog. I like to use “Cow“, he was a big Black, white and tan dog. You can see him in the painting (BlueRoom, left, 2009). He is in the background and he is in the painting on the wall, laying down between the red chairs. I did a piece dedicated […]

  • More meetings, more doodles

    Jason was giving me the gas face from acoss the table.

  • Cuttlefish, progress bar and screwing

    Quick doodle while waiting for files to upload.

  • New paintings

    Alex feliciano has been working on some new paintings. They are a series of fun exercises, acrylic on cardboard.