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Alpharetta Scarecrow Sketches

The Alpharetta Scarecrow Event

Sketches for the AIA Scarecrow for the 2017 Scarecrow festival.

Getting help from the students and parents to make this Peace Plant. Lots of sketches and pairing this with lessons going on for ‘Peace Day’ lessons. The idea of ‘Peace Day’ was a big influence on this design and the inspiration for the ‘Solar Powered Peace Plant’.

The school broke up into teams to create meaningful content around the idea of Peace on Earth.

1. Collecting and preparing items to be up-cycled.

2. Writing articles about what ‘Peace’ mean to them.

3. Talking pictures and collecting media. Then uploading and creating webpages for AIA website.

4. Using the leaves to tag the build efforts and the site to detail what Peace means to them.

Up-cycling at AIA!

Hello kids, parents, and friends, we need your empty items! Plastic and more to up-cycle for the Solar Powered Peace Plant scarecrow.

Later that week…. tons of goodies… We are so grateful to all those who donated and are making this crazy idea possible.

The Dream

The Peace Plant… What do you want this thing to look like? Thinking about what will loot great, But how will we build it, LOL? What are we building, follow along and see.