baby H’s new room

The babys room…
I envision a forest or tree scape with woodland creatures. It should be grayscale, neutral, mono toned, or silhouette. Please put together some images that help shape the end product.

I love this one…

from the hospital in Seattle’s children’s unit.

Now for some purple, these color schemes can be tuned in any directions.

Mountain passage in purple.

Winter theme…

Sea side in blue.
I love the squirrel riding a beaver.


Great slicing into the wall.

This illustrator makes me smile… nice 1950’s vibe going on.

Some handpainted job, check out their site.

Eclectic Kids by Raleigh Media & Bloggers Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl)
This is neat.
And now for something very different… I could see this happening, chalkboard background, and this on top.

Supplement your background with these small add on’s, or do the whole thing as one big picture…

This is a wall graphic from etsy.

More decals…

55″ x 35″ Children’s Cabin in Woods Forest Tree House Wallpaper Leaves Nursery Wall Decal Art Bedroom Wall Paper Pink Light Grey
nice lines, and monochromatic-ish palette.

This Pinterest page is a bit redundant but covers lots of ground lots of trees here.

Grey with a splash of color

Something Different

This room is rad… link to the album..

Beautiful room, who knew blue and brown could sing.

Huge decal measures 72″w x 54″h

If we don’t want to paint…

light waves!

This site has a few simple ones.

A lot of folks like this mural thing, I love making and designing murals. When you change your visual space you change the expectation of the room. I hope you have fun!