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20 page sketch book challenge.

This is a small 3″ x 4″ 20 page sketchbook that has been kicking around. I put it in my pocket and tried to finish it in a week. I did it! Saturday to Saturday and during the week I lost/misplaced two of the three pens. I started with a fountain pen, orange marker and a grey felt brush pen. You will see that the drawings lose variation as you go.

Drawing of dogfish by Alex FelicianoDrawing of person with giant eating monster by Alex FelicianoDrawing of orange headed hairdresser by Alex FelicianoDrawing of happy guy in suit wondering the woods by Alex FelicianoDrawing of tree with reading text by Alex FelicianoDrawing of pointing at nose by Alex FelicianoDrawing of face with orange lips by Alex FelicianoDrawing of rocks from Rock Paper Scissors by Alex FelicianoDrawing of a sweet shop by Alex FelicianoDrawing of woman and a bear by Alex FelicianoDrawing of cup full of faces by Alex FelicianoDrawing of PE faces by Alex FelicianoDrawing of The guy who lives in the yellow house at the end of the block. By Alex FelicianoDrawing of man with hand signs and a dog by Alex FelicianoDrawing of girl writing by Alex FelicianoDrawing of mans with hand signs outside window with dog by Alex FelicianoDrawing of man in front of billboard with dog by Alex FelicianoDrawing of a tongue drying contest by Alex FelicianoDrawing of glasses taken off by Alex Feliciano

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Ink supplies are out on the first day of October (inktober). Doodles to start the motivation for a month full of drawings.

One Jinhao x750, a zebra 800 nib and a bottle of 54th from noodler’s Ink. Mix them up and start the fun. Happy first day on Ink Tober.

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Who is DOOM!

Found this sweet ‘throwie’ at the Whole Foods. I figured that stainless steel would be challenging for a quick doodle. I hope who ever has to clean it up will appreciate the ironic sketch.

‘Doom’ I hope I did you proud.

It’s not any fun to clean this stuff up, on the flip side I enjoy reading in the bathroom.

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Studio day

Update: The large unicorn at the The Tree House, it’s the studio behind Sis and Moons. Come by and visit any time, Alpharetta, Ga.Small dogs running

Here is one of the running dogs, lots of work left. Unicorn being followed by rabbits and dogs.

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First large painting for the New Year.

I have been fermenting on this idea, image for a while. Working on the big side today.

Painting of riding on a unicorn uPainting detail of head rider in profile Painting detail, animals running

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Jack at StreetArt Class

Mr. Jack is working hard on fill-ins. Lots of bits, broken rectangles and contrasting colors. We used the ‘sugar’ paint on card board about 6″ x 4″.

Day light savings time is working against us today. I have added a new day time shot.

Mr. Jack working from sketch. We are loving the new colors from ‘the paint yard’ and love getting boxes in the mail!

Day light photo.

The street art class started in 2016 at Sis and Moon’s tree house studio. Alex Feliciano teaches art, form, and design with street art. For more info visit Sis and moons website

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Working and learning on large 11’ x 14’ crappie paper.

Hand full of Makers and some big paper.

Sheets of blank paper taller than your thumb and to big for my backpack all screaming at me to get to work. For some reason the tooth and feel of this book is more attractive to me than the super thick and slick Bristol board book, or the 140lb cold press watercolor paper book. I’ve figured it out… it’s the same paper (but way bigger) as my first sketchbooks back when I was at DASH (design and architect senior high) in Miami. Mr. Milanez would hand them out like candy. I would burn through them in a few weeks, chewing them up. Nothing great but I couldn’t get over the fact that they just handed you another one.

red marker, girl on a bike
Super Fresh, I always wanted to ride like this.

What’s in the bag?

A bag full of markers and this book that reeks of high school made it easier to let go and have fun. I brought this bag with me thinking that I was going to do rock some ill outlines, pieces and fill-in, but I couldn’t get that started. Here are some bikes, dogs and other things that did come out.

Bag of markers
Drawing of Dog on colorful sheet
Clem the dog napping next to me while I work. She gets lots of time in my book by always being near by.

Why using crappie materials could be a good thing.

Drawing on kinda crappie and large paper changes something. I think it’s the need to ‘finish’ that usually comes with larger formats. That feeling is gone. Another weird thing, the markers which are great for filling in large areas felt limited on this large format. I would fill the whole page with color in my 8×10 black book (ask me to show you). So line work became super important. I tried incorporating washes but the cheap paper didn’t like that. So line work is king!

Lesson learned.

I’m still learning that I have lots of hang-up. Getting free and removing myself from the work is going to take a minute, it was easier with this book. The more I work, the more I understand (maybe). I need to practice F$#king up stretched canvases. Media surface shouldn’t hinder the work, but stretched canvas vs found cardboard influences my work in profound ways. Similar to working on post-it notes.

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What makes a monster.

Witch monster scares you most?

This is a doodle from my IPhone’s digital sketch book called, ‘Tiny Pink Sketchbook’, made with Paper 53. I doodle anytime I get a minute, most sketches are connected to the part of my brain that I can’t always talk too, until it draws me a picture. Lots of artist have verbalized this in different ways… enjoy.

The witch makes me wonder what makes them frightening? She has no claws, teeth, fur, muscles, or slim which makes her the most interesting monster. Drawn as ugly green women to make us shrink in our theater chair but looking closer she is now my favorite classic monsters depicted reading books. Smart girls make folks run in fear?

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Large Doodling 11×14

Big clouds blow away to reveal a b-boy on a bicycle, chased by a dog who would’ve been happy with a bone, and a girl who likes robots.

And odd one eyed four legged kids, following friends who come from nowhere.

Today lots of work in my head that needs to come out.

Bag of markers

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What makes a monster.

The werewolf haunts the countryside unable to find home. Between the villages and the trees family on both sides of the divide, but unable to join.

Lots of stories about the werewolf as a way to understand the natural world. Other stories of a rabid animal who wants to destroy the world.

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What makes a monster.

Next monster is Frankenstein’s creation, making something that can’t be predicted. Who will be the lucky one, the survivors.

There is a lot to take apart, like why is a reanimated biological entity scary? Why do we fear it?

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Late night drawing

Tonight the house is quiet, dishes clean, and the kids asleep. In that stillness I blow the dust from a large 11″x14″ sketchbook.

Drawing and watercolor of a bearded gentleman holding coffee.goofing around with Windsor Newton watercolor pens. I have been sitting on these things for a while. The foam brush is nice.Really liking the marker ‘brush’ on this watercolor maker. When you are super fresh, show and prove.

Some markers…

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What makes a monster.

The Dracula, a force of mystery and seduction. It’s a undead force with a cunning mind, that plots and is vengeful. It is the teeth that we associate with power, a vehicle for the blood that it needs.

This drawing done with the app Paper53, on the iPhone 5s, and with my finger, Alex Feliciano, 10/2017

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Late night doodles

Yes, up late and making marks on paper, today I’m rocking a red sharpie, a red dry erase and a red Windsor Newton watercolor maker. Dogs and peaceshocka for pages.

All tiny little thorny. Small micro dogs stitched and fat. Dogs thin tiny little… again and again.

lots of red. Peace, peace, peace, peace, peace, peace, peace, peace….all red then I switch to using a strange black ink brush pen, foam tip style… not my fave, it might be a bit dry.

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Tuesday night’s figure drawing event, look at (iPad and Paper53) work.

woman sitting on a large chair by alex feliciano

Tuesday’s bi-monthly Alpharetta Figure Drawing/Painting Group.

This week was destiny came to model for us. I was teaching my Street Art class till 7:30 so showed up a bit late. I missed the one minute warm-up poses. Great lighting as always and the snacks are good although right now i’m working on my heath so no cookies.


I got there just in time for the last two five minute poses.

Red pen, woman stretches with hands forward by alex feliciano

Line drawing in Red ink of Destiny stretching with hands forward. Five minute pose.

Red pen, woman hunched and resting by alex feliciano

Hunched and resting, line drawing with red ink of Destiny, five minute pose.

arch of a woman's back, by Alex Feliciano

One leg forward, sitting on a large black cushion, Painting with shapes using the roller tool in Paper 53 in pink and mauve tones. Destiny, ten minute pose.

woman leaning back on one hand by Alex Feliciano

This painting of Destiny resting on one hand, using orange tones, last ten minute pose.


woman sitting on a large chair by alex feliciano

Painting with purple tones, while Destiny sits in a large chair.

woman resting on pillows by alex feliciano

Painting with red pillow, a twenty minute pose while Destiny naps.


drawing of a woman resting feet up by alex feliciano

Last Pose of the night, a purple toned painting of destiny while she rests with her feet up.

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Figure drawing event, Sketchbook (iPad and Paper53) look.

alex feliciano at figure drawing group, drawing scott

I brought an iPad to the bi-monthly Alpharetta Figure Drawing/Painting Group.

The Group brought in Scott to pose he’s the first male model in a long time and it’s the first time using my iPad at a life drawing event. Tonights sketches all posted below. We started, like most sessions, with one Minute poses.

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

I took a minutes to make a quick pallet. As the night went on i added a pink and yellow.5 minute figure drawing group, Alex Feliciano

Big fills with ‘Roller’ tool.

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

I’m using #Paper53 to do the drawings. The ‘Roller’ tool is my favorite!

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

Still just doing one minute drawings I feel a bit clumsy with the iPad, new media is always funny at first.

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

Scott is throwing down great one min poses.

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano


Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

Legs, one minute drawing.

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

Nope, jump to a new page.

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

Better, this is the last one minute figure drawing.

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

Ok five minute figure drawing are flowing better. I and able to break out shapes and show some structure.

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

More of Scott as captured by Alex Feliciano and his magic tablet.

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

Getting a bit easier now. More colors added to the pallet.

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

Nice hands in this one.

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

Hard pose, I was really trying to capture tention might go back and rework this at a later time.

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

More great hands, thanks Scott

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

working on the iPad is tuff but the ease of switching colors makes up for it, I’m using Paper53 on an iPad Pro and Apple pencil,

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

Now we venture into the 10 minute poses. Hello Detail, can this thing do it?

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

Yes it can, Another 10 minute figure draw by Alex Feliciano with Paper 53.

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

10 minutes  adding yellow to the pallet.

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

Fingers, nope, next page please.

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

Fingers, Better, figure drawing of Scott with pole extension.

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

P.S. Scott has a light beard and because I don’t get many dudes modeling for me and none with beards I’m like WTF.

Alpharetta Drawing group, male figure, drawing on iPad with Alex Feliciano

20 Minutes, I’m switching to a pencil tool on the iPad.

And the last figure drawing of the night, 20 minutes, Thank you Scott.

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74 Post-it notes

74 Post-it notes

Completely bonkers. I was cleaning my desk and kept finding little drawings mixed in with meeting notes. well this is all of them. Some of the Post it notes are from 2012 when I was working at WebMd.

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Designing Clem Head fills

I want to make easy, coloring book style, fills. I’m attempting to speed up the Clem head making process. Going freestyle on each head is SUPER fun but now I need to refine this project.

Making a standard template for the drawings is a first step.

The sketch, transferred to the linoleum block.The sketch, transferred to the linoleum block. Ready to cut.

Cutting a linoleum black with Alex Feliciano and Clem for the Clem head designs.Removing background, kinda quick and dirty. Refine as you go.Blade carving details of dog into linoleum plate.Working the interior, dog face and eye. The goal is to turn sketchbook into a coloring book.

img_4430Now ready for some ink, get ready to count all the high spots… ready…Alex rolling and mixing inkSet…

First inking of dog head template.GO!

Inked plate, ready to printLess than 20?… Maybe

Pages splayed openFirst print of dog head template on scrap material

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Update, “The lines Attack” show at the Hive, LA

Working and getting excited about this new, in-progress, body of work (5×7 collage drawings, done with paper, paint and ink.) will be shown at the Hive Gallery in May for “The Lines Attack” show.

I have been attempting to illustrate a narrative that until now only lived in my sketchbooks, it’s a fractured series of vignettes that record my musings as I commute around the planet. Some of which, “A study on animal development in responds to auto injuries (in fast forward)”, and A rumination on advances in facial hair despite contrary marketing.

Alex Feliciano drawing and collage, 16 pieses displayed in a 4 by 4 grid of collaged images.

16, 5×7 inch paper drawings, Alex Feliciano 2014, for “The Lines Attack” show in May .


Natural responds to trauma, as seen in fast forward (less bones).


Wind blown beard and striped suit.

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I had a dog, I named him “cow”, he was a happy dog.

Some of my paintings feature a dog. I like to use “Cow“, he was a big Black, white and tan dog. You can see him in the painting (BlueRoom, left, 2009). He is in the background and he is in the painting on the wall, laying down between the red chairs.


I did a piece dedicated to the dreams he might have had, he was a very active sleeper. I thought about it and tried to imagine what smells would look like. Below is a detail (Cow’s Dreamscape, 3of3, 2008) of Cow.

cowsDream3of3The  triptych has changed over time and givin me chances to re-imagine what it is like to see with your nose. Below is the triptych as it is now..

cowsDream1of3 cowsDream2of3 cowsDream3of3







The first panel was purchased by a collector in 2008 from the “Hive” gallery in LA. I loved the idea of the piece i created a new first panel. Below is the set as it was originally.

cowsDream0of3s cowsDream2of3 cowsDream3of3


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“No. 5”, a drawing by Alex Feliciano

Now at the Hive Gallery, Los Angeles.

This drawing is part of a larger group show “Line Attack 2” at the Hive Gallery, for more info about the show visit the Hive Gallery’s website and for more pieces like this, visit my archives page.

From the Hive’s website…..

The Hive Gallery is proud to present:

May 2013 Line Attack 2!!!

Opening: May 4th 8-11:30PM
$5 Suggested Donation for opening show
Show Runs: May 4- June 1

*A portion of the proceeds for our opening show will go to non-profit Fighting for Fitness, helping train “at risk youth” and obese children in fitness and martial arts

Featured Artist 1: Adam Roth-
“Adam Roth and the Archive of Discoveries proudly present The Age of Astramid,
the first of our ongoing exhibitions from the Argyle Excavation.”
Featured Artist 2: ShaqJizz
Tall Wall Artist: Lisette Pastor Aranda
Installation Artist: Paul Arden

Line Attack Artists:


Michelle Andrade
David Bow
Kristina Collantes
Rusty Jordan
Carlos A. Etcheverry
Andy Michelsen
Dustin Garcia
Hamo Bahnam
JT Steiny
Keenan Kellar
Alex Chiu
Juliette Bensimon Marchina
Josh Crampton


Alex Feliciano
A’Misa Chiu
Annie Terrazzo
Ashford Harrison
Brandon Sopinsky
Brendan Waegner
Carol Powell
Daisuke Okamoto
David Bow
Emily Wong
Ivan Godinez
Ivan Vega
Jango Jim
Jeff Stratford
Jeska Lee
Keith Wong
Kelsey Short
Laura Cosner
Mariya Suzuki
Mary Delousina
Megan Elizabeth Ford
Monica Martinez
Nathan Cartwright
Nicanor Evan
Nikki Garcia Poling
Pascal Cormier
Preston Craig
Rick Strieck
Rob Sussman
Roxy Morataya
Simon Sotelo
Shannon Pollak
Walt Gorecki
Yumiko Awae

Front Room DJ’s:
Mafv Gamma

Back Room Dj’s:


The Hive Gallery Resident Artists:

Alyssa Beasley /Annie Terrazzo / Arlou Somo / / Ave Rose / David Reyes / Diana Levin / Doug Meyer/ / Dulcinea Circelli / Ellen Schinderman / Glenn Fox / Graphation / Greg Gould / Gretchen Ingram / Hollis Hart / Ink Pen Mutations / Jennifer Korsen / Jinx / John Dang / J.Salvador / Keith Wong / Lisa Levy / Luciano Martinez / Marcel DeJure / Marigrace Alebelda / Mark Posey / Meirav Haber / Michelle Hall / Mike Street / Nathan Cartwright / Patrick Haemmerlein / Randy Kono / Rob Sussman / Sara Hedstrom /Sarah Ockuly / Sarah Winkle / Shrine / Sonik / Stephan Canthal / Stephen Holman / Superpao / Teod Tomlinson / Walt Hall

Alex Chiu
Daniella Batsheva
John Haley III

Seraphime Angelis
Medium, Astrologer, Card Reader, Poet



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