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Street art class, on The PaintYard

The Paint Yard, wrote a nice post about the ‘Street Art Class’

The paint yard is a great place to get a variety of spray paint and supplies (fat caps, liners, specialty paints, markers and more) and they have the ‘Sugar’ from the makers of Ironlak, the paint is special. It combines water with alcohol made from sugar cane, replacing the usual petroleum-based solvents. The result is an extremely low-odor spray paint that contains fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

It is important that students are safe and get to work with high quality materials, while learning the fundamentals of design and painting.

The ‘Street Art‘ class meets once a week (Tuesday at 5:30-7:30 come by and check us out). During the lessons we focus on drawing and painting followed by design reviews, the reviews and discussions are designed to engage the thoughtfulness needed to inspire creativity in young artist. Special thanks to ‘The Paintyard’ for the great sales on paint, and to Sis & Moon’s in Alpharetta, Ga for the wonderful teaching space.



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    Sue miller

    Do you teach classes in a school. I may be interested in having you to come to my school. Sue miller ***-***-****