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Class Homework W2, Nov 2016


Watch some short video and have any questions ready to discuss, and Patterns

The Letter “E”:  https://youtu.be/kpaVkxB0Tw4

Watching a piece from start to finish: https://youtu.be/3US_fm0sWHo

Find examples of patterns, bring 3 or more, for use in next piece (They can be anything… save them to your device, print, magazine tear out or photos).

Sketch book 11″ × 8½”, a black book with smooth pages. Like this available where ever you like to by supplies.
Markers, I had some questions about markers. So you can find Touch and Copic Markers at at DickBlick in Roswell or you can shop Amazon/Google for ‘touch’ markers, most kits are no cheaper online, But if your willing to take delivery from China and wait weeks for delivery you can find some good deals..

Comparing and Contrasting

Lastly we will be looking at two different artist who approach street art from two different styles we will be comparing and contrasting in and short critique.


Rasterm and Katre