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  • Street Art class

    Making art is not a straight line, sometimes it’s fussy and filled with curves. Practice makes better is what we try to instill, each class builds on lessons so art lessons can transfer from painting drawing sculpture … today we are teaching color theory, large format composition and design with spray paint. Jack working on…

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  • 2 of 100 days in the now… PINK sketchbook!

    2 of 100 days in the now… PINK sketchbook!

    The 2nd Day, I currently working on a challenge to create AND post artwork for 100 days in a row. Today ‘Miss Pink’ has solidified the idea that pink will be in every page. The sketchbook is a random graphing notebook that will be my 100 day art project. Stay tuned for 98 more sketchbook…

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  • 16 of 100, Scarlet Witch

    16 of 100, Scarlet Witch

    One page in a sketchbook, an ink drawing of two woman listening to a mixed tape.

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