Alex Feliciano Art Work and Studio

Balancing my creative urges with two kids is similar to my artistic poles, one is measured and the other one is a rollercoaster. My paintings swing between large fanciful, graffiti inspired, figurative work to tiny, ink drawn, vignettes of regular life on post-it notes. It all started in the late eighties I became immersed in the burgeoning Miami graffiti scene, while also studying watercolors and landscape painting. This duality is evident in my work. The antagonistic rivalry of graffiti is tempered with traditional art making methods. Now I spend my time filling sketchbooks, teaching, and making paintings. visit the blog to catch up on what is happening in the studio.

Alex feliciano's sketchbook page. A blue haired girl pushing buttons on graffiti style letters.
Sketch book page, watercolor on heavy weight paper then penned with grey ink.

More about Alex Feliciano

I was born in Miami (1976). Discovering graffiti really was the first time I felt I had to learn something. My early education revolved around my black book. As I started to figure out that I didn’t know anything. I went to study watercolor painting with Bob Gross in the middle of the woods. This lead directly to being excepted into the NWSA Art program. All during this time I was doing as many murals as I could.

In 2000, Atlanta became home. I went to work painting, looking for shows and that’s when I met Tindel, Michi, and Maxwell, they embraced me. We participated in as many group exhibitions, and I continued painting and making as much work as possible. Also during this time we launched various thematic gallery exhibitions and shows. One show “Red Black and White” – a show consisting exclusively of red, black and white paintings. In 2004 I moved to Los Angeles. I continued to work by adding thousands of pages to my sketchbooks, Painting murals, and courting gallery shows. I participated in every group show I could get my work into. My favorite show was 2008’s ‘Coast to Coast Butter Toast’ Exhibition. It was an exhibition of collaborative work by us three artists – John Tindel and Michi of Atlanta, and Alex Feliciano of Los Angeles at that time. We mailed huge canvases back and forth painting on each others canvases and making wildly collaborative work. In the spring of 2009 we moved back to Atlanta and now with a kid and wife I went to work writing code as a UX Developer (hidden talent) and painting.

Today in Alpharetta

Soon I ran into Sis + Moon’s, it’s a studio in Alpharetta where I show work and teach out of. Today I’m still in Alpharetta and you can find my paintings hanging in Sis + Moons.