Winter Holidays These are some of the “Sketches of Winter Holidays”, enjoy and share. Free to download, Free to print, Free to mail, and Free to share. Not for re-sale. Click image for printable version ‘Sneaky Snack’ $0.00, ‘Sneaky Snack’. Just click on the image above and large version will open on a new page,… Read More

  Watch some short video and have any questions ready to discuss, and Patterns The Letter “E”: Watching a piece from start to finish: Find examples of patterns, bring 3 or more, for use in next piece (They can be anything… save them to your device, print, magazine tear out or photos). Sketch… Read More

Update: I’m working on Holiday cards for everyone, I’m making a few and will post with instructions to print them for free, stay tuned.   I will make last year’s cards available on the ‘shop‘ page tonight. Cutest Couple in the North Pole, Dear Santa, and Merry Christmas 2015.… Read More

Last night the Alpharetta Figure Drawing/Painting Group put on their bi-monthly drawing event. Kate pulled off some great poses. Food was … Oreos and Doritos. The group offers a casual night of figure art drawing and painting. Great comfortable location for you to draw the model we provide. The session begins with several short poses to warm… Read More

woman on a couch

Kate is back, trying again with red pencil. Fat lines are kinda working. I bought a bunch of markers and pencil to try out, But I think I like the red pencil best. For more sketches join/follow me. Information about the Drawing event, more info.  … Read More

Sketching from life at Studio in Alpharetta. We had such a great model, she made my job easy. Mona had great poses and locked it in for sets of 1, 3 5 10 and 15 minute. I started with a red “Supracolor II soft made by Caran d’Ache“, (more) pencil, very soft , but I was… Read More

Making costumes for Halloween! We have started early this year. All cardboard and maybe some paint this year. Yes it’s a giant animal head. This is where I’m at, as of last night. Tonight will be a coin flip sleep or ears. Starting with some basic shapes i’m worked the muzzle and eyes in, I… Read More