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Tag: pink sketchbook

Large folks entering an empty house, with a cat sitting in a chair.

15 of 100, Meeting the newest baby

“Don’t wake it”, says one to the other. They crowd around to see the newest house member. Whispering and carefully creeping into the house, not daring to attract attention. The cluster outside is whispering as they wait for their turn to get a glimpse. Tiny fur baby sleep unaware of the silent admiration swirling in and out of the house.

Illustration of the internal human body, Digestive System

14 of 100, The circulatory system.

The 14th page is an illustration of the circulatory system. It’s done as a doodle that is inspired by the disassembled cassette player from Doodle 12 of 100. In both pieces the insides are laid out like an Ikea illustration. The systems as a still images makes my brain happy. The use of a fountain ink brush adds a lot of playful character to both pieces. More ‘system doodles’ exploration will happen. Keep watching the 100 day sketchbook project. I would love to hear from you, What system would you like me to doodle in the pink sketchbook?

ink drawing of green figures dancing about on a pink background
ink and marker illustration of the inside of a walkman.

12 of 100, Duel doodle, Gio vs Alex.

How many times have you taken something apart for the shear joy of discovery. That was me, add in a sense of dread, on this day. It started after school, walking home and head bopping. The music in my headphones warped, it was the tape innocently wrapped itself into the pulleys. My shock and lack of understanding where on full display as I heard the never to be forgotten crinkling sound. Panic, pull the plug and pray. Later at home, doom and gloom clouding my vision, I summoned years of watching my mom tune and repair her sewing machines. On …

12 of 100, Duel doodle, Gio vs Alex.… More To Read

Drawing of two figures climbing into the canopy of a tree.
Four figures drawn in ink dance on a pink background