I have an artist I would like to tell you about Miguel Ovalle, the website is Dizmology.com. We have been friends his since 1993 when I met him in miami. In 1994 he showed up to school in a homemade mask. It was made out of matte board, tape and glue and styled like a  power rangers helmet. I could not fathom at that time how he did it and found myself unable to think of anything else, I was making masks that weekend. He is still sculpting, painting and making amazing things. This is a solo project he is working on called ‘Encryption‘ and it is at the SuperChief Gallery the opening is February 5th 2015 at 6 – 11pm. He will be showing a large installation and have prints and some originals (limited) available for sale. More on his FaceBook page, and Twiiter feed

Miguel preparing for the installation. Super matte black to start.

Miguel, Super Matte black at the SuperChief Gallery

The transformation starts to take place, Miguel applies flat yellows and reds.IMG_1556

When the sculpture is placed, floating, on top the installation is only half done.
Miguel, sculpture at the SuperChief Gallery

Here is some video of the project… You can hear the reaction to the lights, I wish I could see this thing in person!

With and without video projection.