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Large folks entering an empty house, with a cat sitting in a chair.

15 of 100, Meeting the newest baby

“Don’t wake it”, says one to the other. They crowd around to see the newest house member. Whispering and carefully creeping into the house, not daring to attract attention. The cluster outside is whispering as they wait for their turn to get a glimpse. Tiny fur baby sleep unaware of the silent admiration swirling in and out of the house.

Watercolor and pen in sketchbook pages

Late night doodles

Yes, up late and making marks on paper, today I’m rocking a red sharpie, a red dry erase and a red Windsor Newton watercolor maker. Dogs and peaceshocka for pages. All tiny little thorny. Small micro dogs stitched and fat. Dogs thin tiny little… again and again. lots of red. Peace, peace, peace, peace, peace, peace, peace, peace….all red then I switch to using a strange black ink brush pen, foam tip style… not my fave, it might be a bit dry.

More Post-it note fun

I have been using these little yellow squares like crack, little doodle yellow scraps of sticky paper. Loving the ‘Stabilo’ point 88 markers. Doodling while kids are at karate. alway carry markers. I might make a Block, for printing out of this one. I have never done a multiple print block print, But… Expanding ‘There’ and ‘Their’ to Oscar (6) while in the middle of a monster doodle fight. Having a great day and doodling it in small moments of time.