Painting number two, “Findings”, digging into the archives for new painting.

The act of discovery is something that set the senses a tingle. While I was digging through old sketchbooks for inspiration, and came across this ink drawing it’s 3.5″x5″.  I’m going to use it for painting number two, working title: Findings. I hope I can keep the spirit of the drawing in the new painting. img_3899-1 I used the attitude in a quick sketch for the painting, The canvas is oriented in portrait and slightly larger. I’m trimming some of the negative space, I hope this doesn’t kill the mood that makes the ink sketch special.img_3900-1Digging the toes on the left. This sketch has a lot of new elements and is different than the small original but i think it will still work.


Preparing a canvas with some fun design work. When I have a canvas that has some work on it, it feels less intimidating. I plays better with my ideas than a scary blank canvas.img_3902

Putting down some line work, finding the spacing and working out the feet.