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Old friends neighborhood…


Errrt Vroom, and Eeeeeei

I received an address from an old friend and when i goggled it  (i’m not a stalker) this is what i saw in my head. I had to make this animation. I sure I’m not alone on this.

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Flat vs Skeuomorphism, and good design.

Hola, So I have been advising clients away from skeuomorphism in thier designs. You may ask, “Why would you do that, skeuomorphism is dope.” and your right it is cool, but when we go to production the tangental aspect is quickly overshadowed by business needs and dynamic integration quickly blows up budgets. It looks great in the comp, but many times ends up getting scrapped in production.

I love design for design sake, (it’s called art) and in time skeuomorphism design will settle into a nice place so will “flat”. “Flat” for now, will be the new rounded corner. It will be used in places it’s not needed and everything will look like a 50’s ad campaign. This “flat” idea will spin itself out as a new style emerges and replaces “flat”. Maybe a representative monochromatic style (super flat), or using only CSS3 (code flat), or pure line work (anti flat). The great thing is good design will persist..

Skeuomorphism, Flat, flat design, Calander design Css3, html5,

I would love to talk about the Save button next….

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comboBox style it custom

combo box as3 componet flash customize
The combo box one with code and one with movieclips.

So I was looking around for a simple way to style, Programatically, a combo box… I spent a good part of an hour trying and searching then trying something new till I hit upon the solution above.

Customize Combo Box, ComboBox, Component.

// flash as start here……………..good luck…………………………

package {
import flash.display.Sprite;
public class CBUpSkin2 extends Sprite {
private var _rectangle:Sprite;
public function CBUpSkin2() {
_rectangle = new Sprite();,1);, 0, 100, 20);;
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