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Authentic Assessment

 October 15, 2014 | Design

The Authentic Assessment tool is an attempt to quantify the achievements of a student during projects, real world applications, and performances. The application allows the teacher to record the students as they gain understanding and mastery of a standard. It matches images with standards and description tags. Tagged media is used to quantify standards, create rubrics, and develop future curriculums.

  • Add/upload media (video, audio, pictures, others)
  • Assign media to a class, student, and/or standard
  • Media may contain work of multiple students, need to be able to ‘tag’ all students
  • Media may contain multiple standards. need to be able to tag all standards
  • Once media is uploaded allow for instant ‘tagging’


 March 12, 2014 | Design and Front End Development

Blueprint is a test making application that allows users to create tests based on multiple criteria, eg: On a 15 question test you would pick 2 easy, 8 medium. and 5 hard questions. The design goal was to increase readability and remove side scrolling to better utilize the natural up/down scrolling.

See Code Sample.
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Graphing, adding, and tables with css sample

 July 10, 2017 |  Development and Design

This example uses CSS and JS to display dynamic pie and bar graph.

See Code Sample.
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Student Assessment

 March 12, 2014 | Design and Front End Development

The first part of the exercise was to redesign Student Assessment to archive federal 508 disability  compliance. Part two of the exercise was to reimagine navigation and question types for increased usability. Wire frames, Design and Development. Below are some drawing of how to utilize calculators and timers within different sections. All with an emphasis on making the students successful.

Organization Chart

 April 1, 2013 | Design and Front End Development

Agency Interactive Website

 Aug, 2010 | Design and Front End Development

Drawing from a variaty of projects

 2014 – 2017 | Design, Wireframes and Low Fidelity Sketches

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