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It’s too hot


It was hot‘, is 5×7 inches, printed and signed on ‘Lustre, Super Type PD paper’ it is heavier than matte finish with a slight sheen. An industry standard for professional printing with an archival life of 100+ years.

‘I came home early it was hot. Flicked controls on the thermostat. Nothing worked, which way is on? Heat cause it’s hot, that doesn’t sound wrong. Open a window, fiddled with the lock, left or right, it would not pop. Sweat, just a drop. That was it for me. I did care who might see. Flung coat and sweater over my head, shed skirt and tights passed my feet, now lounge bare to enjoyed the heat.’


Note: Prints do not come with mattes or frames. If you want one with a matte or frame swing by the studio. Sis + Moons in Alpharetta, Ga 30009.

Dimensions 7 × 0.01 × 5 in


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