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Figure drawing event, Sketchbook look.

Lots of figure drawing lately. It is good to draw like this again. I went to a class in Alpharetta, the ‘Alpharetta Figure Drawing/Painting Group’. They have a nice academic format, ten to twenty one minute warm ups, then some five and ten minute drawings. Oh and did I mention the cookies, lots of cookies. Then after a cookie break we do some longer poses.

On this day, my first time at the event I forgot to note the times for each drawing… fear not I will fix that in the future.


This was a short pose, I felt like warming up with hands. First time sketch live models in two plus years.


More hands to warm up, feeling good now.


I am able to get some back and face in this one, I think the lighting was very challenging, that’s a good thing, so it took a minute to find my values.


Now some feet.

IMG_1756Shoulders and chest.


Toes, need to do some toes… Fake means from memory.  While she was changing poses, maybe..


Ahh a slightly longer pose. I like the ‘lay’ of the hand in this one.


Again the light was challenging I remember trying to find shadows.


This was a long pose 10 or 15 minutes, I think…


The model was switching poses and seamed so naturally at rest while she rubbed her hands, I think it might have been cold in the studio.


Last and longest pose.

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Class notes and homework

Hola class…


  1. Practice letter forms, pick words  containing two vowels (like: seam, hoaps, lazer, or denim, feel free to make up words).


  1. This intersecting style below shows the construction of the letter, when using this alphabet erase overlapping/intersecting lines as needed to make the letter whole.
  2. This Alphabet adds a bit more style to the ‘straight letter’ style above. You can use this out for that to experiment with style. Remember the better you understand the construction of a letter the easier it will be to style it.

  3. For review, how to make a letter…

    and, drop shadows…Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 3.13.12 PM


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Class notes and homework W1

Hola class…


  1. Find examples of patterns, bring 3-5 in for use in next piece (They can be anything… digital, printed, downloaded or photos).


  1. Sketch book 11″ × 8½”, a black book with smooth pages. Like this available where ever you like to by supplies.
  2. Markers, Pick a few 4-8 colors to start, as we move forward you can add more. You find them at DickBlick or you can shop/Google for ‘touch’ markers on line (something like this). FYI: Things shipped from china and can take WEEKS.
  3. Pencil and eraser

Videos and more for reference…

  1. Style Wars‘ by Henry  Chalfant.
  2. Exit Thought The Gift Shop‘ by Banksy it’s on netflix.

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Making isometric robots

robot army

I’m having a great time playing with isometric robots.. I’m using #madewithpaper /, more drawings, musing and doodles at

small robot
Robotic fart.
Main street robot
Main street with giant robots.
robotic vehicle
Isometric robotic vehicle ready for action.
Rogue robot
Rogue robot, isometric style. The pink Breadstick delivery robot.
Pink and blue robots.
Mr. Pink as a robot.
robot army
No. 41 please step out of line. A portrait of a pink robot army, fading into the distance.
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Portfolio advice

I was poking around looking for some website inspiration and came across ‘design portfolio packs punch‘. I just wanted to add a few things… Like in the ‘Select your projects’ and ‘Look to the future’ part it talks about picking Items to show in your portfolio. I would encourage you to focus on picking projects you enjoyed working on. Most likely will want to work on more of them in the future. If you offer up the one’s that match your prospective clients, or that seem to be the shiniest you might find yourself doing work, rather than enjoying your work. That could lead to a portfolio full of stuff you don’t enjoy ( yuck ).

‘Demonstrate critical thinking’ and ‘Use context’ areas are about your relationship to the project. How and why did you ‘grid’, ‘responsive’, or ‘interaction’. Most projects aren’t done in a vacuum and I would encourage you to touch on the collaborative effort that went into those projects. Highlight how well you work with others. If you have good interaction with teams and/or clients your future clients will want that goodness.

I have mixed feelings about the ‘Choose the right platform’ idea. I encourage you to explore a bit and see what works for you. I am old enough to remember when portfolios had to be mail out with return postage. Some of the packages that came in where as creative as the work inside. That is rarely the rule but a pleasant surprise when it did happen. There is no reason not to have a ‘safe’ portfolio and something more ‘exploratory’ The web has shifted the ‘barrier to entry’ in your favor.

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I have an artist I would like to tell you about Miguel Ovalle, the website is We have been friends his since 1993 when I met him in miami. In 1994 he showed up to school in a homemade mask. It was made out of matte board, tape and glue and styled like a  power rangers helmet. I could not fathom at that time how he did it and found myself unable to think of anything else, I was making masks that weekend. He is still sculpting, painting and making amazing things. This is a solo project he is working on called ‘Encryption‘ and it is at the SuperChief Gallery the opening is February 5th 2015 at 6 – 11pm. He will be showing a large installation and have prints and some originals (limited) available for sale. More on his FaceBook page, and Twiiter feed

Miguel preparing for the installation. Super matte black to start.

Miguel, Super Matte black at the SuperChief Gallery

The transformation starts to take place, Miguel applies flat yellows and reds.IMG_1556

When the sculpture is placed, floating, on top the installation is only half done.
Miguel, sculpture at the SuperChief Gallery

Here is some video of the project… You can hear the reaction to the lights, I wish I could see this thing in person!

With and without video projection.


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baby H’s new room

The babys room…
I envision a forest or tree scape with woodland creatures. It should be grayscale, neutral, mono toned, or silhouette. Please put together some images that help shape the end product.

I love this one…

from the hospital in Seattle’s children’s unit.

Now for some purple, these color schemes can be tuned in any directions.

Mountain passage in purple.

Winter theme…

Sea side in blue.
I love the squirrel riding a beaver.


Great slicing into the wall.

This illustrator makes me smile… nice 1950’s vibe going on.

Some handpainted job, check out their site.

This is neat.
And now for something very different… I could see this happening, chalkboard background, and this on top.

Supplement your background with these small add on’s, or do the whole thing as one big picture…

This is a wall graphic from etsy.

More decals…

55″ x 35″ Children’s Cabin in Woods Forest Tree House Wallpaper Leaves Nursery Wall Decal Art Bedroom Wall Paper Pink Light Grey
nice lines, and monochromatic-ish palette.

This Pinterest page is a bit redundant but covers lots of ground lots of trees here.

Grey with a splash of color

Something Different

This room is rad… link to the album..

Beautiful room, who knew blue and brown could sing.

Huge decal measures 72″w x 54″h

If we don’t want to paint…

light waves!

This site has a few simple ones.

A lot of folks like this mural thing, I love making and designing murals. When you change your visual space you change the expectation of the room. I hope you have fun!

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Deer In The House, next to cardboard city.

drawing pen and ink deer in a living room, with pink clouds coming from it's humps.

Doodling while eating my noodling. More from the sketchbook, I have had little time to work on paintings but that is because my studio is in a state of neglect becoming the dumping ground for lots of great ideas that need to be worked on.

ink drawing of a front yard with boxes in it.
A bucnch of cardboard boxes taped together for the purpose of entertaining kids for the weekend.
drawing pen and ink deer in a living room, with pink clouds coming from it's humps.
A visit from the methane deer elicits no response from maggie. She is happy to wait till the scene plays itself out. I find the methane deer to be a magical creature and jump up to shoo it out of the house.
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Finshed this sketch book

I wrapped up this ‘moleskin, cassette’ book, full of unlined writing/journal pages, good for markers and pens but curled a bit with watercolors.

Hanging out with ‘P’. Notice the sweet adidas jacket, I will post the painting I did from this sketch later. 
Clem like to lay still while she gets her portrait done.

The boys watching ‘The princess bride’ with mom.