I am happy to announce a small shopping cart is now available. Now you can shop online . I will be adding to it as time and items become available. Feel free to send feedback or requests or go to http://alexfeliciano.com/artwork/ and leave a comment.… Read More

I picked up the prints today, the boys where examining them. I will be shipping them today and tomorrow. There is one left, I will be taking it to Sis and Moons. I’m really happy the way this all worked out. I’m thinking I will do this again.… Read More

Free artwork! This is just an update: Prints are going to be home this week! The proofs are done and the printing is in progress, next stretching and varnishing. I am looking forward to shipping them out. If you haven’t ordered yours click here. What you get when you click the link, a paypal page that covers… Read More

Two more… that makes four, five more to go. Why plaid I do not know but there will be a bunch of them soon, contact your nearest Sis and Moon’s in Alpharetta for more information.  … Read More

All three of the ‘Clem Heads’ so far. So Shinny. This blue enamel is like butter to work with, One Shot and Rustoleum <3 ! This is first of the seven heads, to be mount on reclaimed fence board… stay tuned for more.    … Read More

Working on the dog heads, what to do? I will attempt to make all them super! I grabbed three of the seven heads to take to The Sis & Moon studio.   These to are  just getting started.   I found lots of air holes, I will patch and paint. It was a good test and will need… Read More