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Doodling for the ‘Clem Head’

More doodles, more ideas, more fun
There are four more pages with this stamp of clem’s head, I will start rocking out the real thing after this weekend… Stay tuned and have a great weekend.

Yellow on green with purple and red detail.

3D sketch for Clem's head painting.

I’m going to find my old 3D glasses when i get home and see what happens.

I will be working on this over the weekend, If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments below.

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Doodling designs for ‘The Clem’

Having fun planning out the new designs for the ‘Clem Heads’.


During the debate Monday night I rocked out some sketches.

and  this one.


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More heads and cardboard

Making costumes for Halloween! We have started early this year. All cardboard and maybe some paint this year. Yes it’s a giant animal head.

This is where I’m at, as of last night. Tonight will be a coin flip sleep or ears.


Starting with some basic shapes i’m worked the muzzle and eyes in, I built some shoulder pads (not pictured) and plan on mounting this to them.


Here is Gio modeling it, ears and paws are next… stay tuned.

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Preparing to design more ‘Clem Heads’

Preparing for NEW Clem Dog Head paintings. Lots of ideas (Mexican wrestler, circulatory system, plaids, patterns, and or scale style masks). I though lots of sketches would be a good idea. So I cut a stamp out of this block.

I need to get myself a press, Does anyone have a press they would like to trade for art work?


Drawing now starting to cut a new linoleum block, this is going to be fun.



It took too long to find my knives. Everything came back to me once I had them in my hand.


I think that will do it, Now for some ink. I have no black, just brown.


Brown ink, now for some hand pressing.



Filled 20 pages with this dog head, now to plan out the next two Clem Heads. Clem is loving all the attention.

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Designing Clem Head fills

I want to make easy, coloring book style, fills. I’m attempting to speed up the Clem head making process. Going freestyle on each head is SUPER fun but now I need to refine this project.

Making a standard template for the drawings is a first step.

The sketch, transferred to the linoleum block.The sketch, transferred to the linoleum block. Ready to cut.

Cutting a linoleum black with Alex Feliciano and Clem for the Clem head designs.Removing background, kinda quick and dirty. Refine as you go.Blade carving details of dog into linoleum plate.Working the interior, dog face and eye. The goal is to turn sketchbook into a coloring book.

img_4430Now ready for some ink, get ready to count all the high spots… ready…Alex rolling and mixing inkSet…

First inking of dog head template.GO!

Inked plate, ready to printLess than 20?… Maybe

Pages splayed openFirst print of dog head template on scrap material

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