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Good weekend, dog heads!

Plaque for lack of a better word… I have been working on the mounts for the heads. Lots of fun, trimming and sanding hundreds of small pieces, this is my sander. 20140721-005923-3563021.jpgRed dog head on reclaimed boards.
20140721-005923-3563621.jpgWooden bits, it’s coming together.
20140721-005923-3563905.jpgCut paper and dog heads more work ahead but I can see the end of the tunnel. Hurray!
20140721-005923-3563336.jpgBelt sander mounted on a bench vice.

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Dogies ready to mount…

All three of the ‘Clem Heads’ so far.


So Shinny.


This blue enamel is like butter to work with, One Shot and Rustoleum <3 !


This is firstĀ of the seven heads, to be mount on reclaimed fence board… stay tuned for more.




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